The Reason Why Elo Boosting Services are Not Free

League of Legends is an exciting and action-packed Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA game by Riot Games. It features a unique ranking system which is designed to have League players of generally the same skill level battle amongst each other. This means that beginners won’t have to face and get owned by more experienced players. Matches by experienced players subsequently won’t have to get compromised by newbies. This should ideally create balanced matches for League players. However, since low-ranking accounts generally do not have much value for their owners, they do not fear the risk of getting reported or banned for bad behavior. This therefore fosters an environment for trolls, feeders, quitters and afk-ers on the lower ranks of the League.

Due to the lower ranks of League of Legends becoming the haunting grounds for these trolls and quitters, it is nearly impossible to have decent games here. The terrible and agonizing situation that this causes to gamers has been fitfully dubbed as elo hell. Almost all League players have experienced this elo hell and are familiar with its horrors. The only way to get out of elo hell is to rise up to the higher ranks of the League where serious gamers and good matches can be found. However, due to the sheer amount of bad games in elo hell, this task is nearly impossible. This is the reason why boosting elo lol services were created.

Placement matches boosting services were started by independent online entrepreneurs to provide gamers with the option of having their accounts boosted to higher ranks by professional players. Gamers would no longer have to suffer the horrors of elo hell as a professional player would take his place and face its perils for him. This is an arduous task and nobody will naturally do this for free. By purchasing an elo boosting service, a gamer is essentially paying for the time and effort which a professional player spends on his account. Aside from this, it takes a lot of effort and time to maintain the sites which offer elo boosting services. Naturally, elo boosting service providers need cash and profit in return for all these efforts.

To sum it up, legitimate elo boosting services operate like any other real-world business. It is therefore absurd to think that legitimate elo boosting services can be acquired for free. We can thus therefore say that those sites offering free elo boosting services are fake. If an individual is serious about having his account boosted, he should at least be prepared to spend something for it. After all, there’s no reason for a person to wilfully go through elo hell without gaining anything for it and don’t forget to visit us at

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The difficulty in climbing the ranked ladder without the help of lol elo boosting is that everyone is such a baby about losing. Most League of Legends players are in denial that they are bad at the game because they play hyper carries like Akali, Fiora, Yi or Tryndamere who become strong no matter what happens because they have the late game items and can make up for their early game mistakes. So they develop the mentality that all their mistakes of feeding an enemy champion can be covered up so giving up fourteen deaths to them is no big deal. For people who prefer to use strong, mid game champions like myself, we can’t afford to give two kills because that greatly impedes on our potential to overpower the supposed weaker mid game enemy champion. You can’t let up just because you won your lane which is a horrible mindset to harbor in League of Legends because it creates the mentality that it’s a lane based game that if another lane loses their lane, it’s totally their fault. Yes, it does bear some truth but if you’re so strong, your strength should be shared so that other lanes can become stronger or at least not fall behind.

Before I used lol elo boost, I used to have the problem of not being able to gank other lanes because I thought that having an untouched tower guarantees a win but I always noticed that my team always fell behind because I never ganked and that the other lane that was fed is more potent than I am because they play assassin roles. So what I did was I learned how to coordinate with the lane that I plan to gank by knowing the capabilities of the champion I’m using. If I’m using a champion who has a bad gap closer or does not have a gap closer at all, I use a ganking route that can maximize the amount of space I have between them and reaching the safety of their tower. This could mean using the tri bush path which is warded a lot of the time anyway because it’s closer to the enemy jungle which is safer to ward. Now you can’t expect to be greedy and just waste a flash to kill because you’re definitely not going to help the lane if you claim the kill for yourself. You have to at least let them get an auto attack or ability in and if you want to learn about us visit us at

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